Remember how the Titanic sank because it crashed into a big iceberg? Well, it’s a bit like that with money too! There are some hidden problems under the surface that can make your money disappear, just like the ship sank.

Imagine money troubles are like a big iceberg. You can see some issues above the water, but there are more problems hiding below the water, and they can sink your financial boat without you even knowing.

Let’s talk about the money iceberg and how to avoid these problems. I’ll explain it in simpler terms so you can understand it easily. We’ll focus on what’s under the water, and we’ll talk about the whole money picture later.

Here are some hidden money problems that can cause trouble:

  1. Prices going up (Inflation)
  2. Money you have to give to the government (Taxes)
  3. Missing chances to make more money (Lost Opportunity Cost)
  4. Surprise expenses you didn’t plan for (Unforeseen expenses)
  5. Money going up and down in the stock market (Market fluctuations)
  6. Laws changing and affecting your money (Changes in Laws)
  7. Legal problems and having to pay money (Lawsuits)
  8. Technology changing and affecting your money (Technological Change)
  9. Unexpected things happening in life that cost money (Unexpected Life expenses)
  10. Extra charges and borrowing money (Fees and consumer financing)
  11. Wanting more and spending more (Increased Standard of Living)
  12. Things not lasting as long as they should (Planned Obsolescence)
  13. Always buying more and not saving (Propensity to Consume)
  14. Losing money without expecting it (Unforeseen losses)
  15. Getting bad advice about money (Bad advice)
  16. Rules set by financial companies (4 Rules of Financial Institutions)
  17. Taxes taking away more money (Compound Taxes and Losses)

Financial planners, even if they mean well, often look at the money problems above the water and not below. It’s like they’re missing the hidden issues. This is a big problem that can hurt your financial life. In today’s uncertain economy, you can’t ignore these problems.

We have a way to help. Our special financial economic model can show you the hidden money problems and how to fix them before they cause trouble. We’ll identify each problem and help you fix it through our money simulation model. You can see the mistakes before they happen and make things right.

If you want to solve this money problem, just fill out the calendar on the right side of this article and I will personally walk you through how this process works. We care about helping you and don’t charge for it. We teach you at no expense to you, and then you decide if you want to follow our advice. We won’t cost you anything; we just find the hidden money problems and help you turn things around.

You don’t need to be super rich to build a lot of wealth. You just have to save the money you’re currently spending now.

I don’t like making sales pitches, but I want everyone to know about these money problems. I’m tired of hearing how people are losing money with financial planners and companies.”

In this article “The Financial IceBerg Effect- Why People Run Out of Money! the point is simply that people lose much greater amounts of money they they invest.

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