I am not going to attempt to guess how many chiropractors think about finance. Still, I will explain how to build an optimal and sustainable financial model for your life and practice based on similar principles chiropractic uses to enhance health.

I am not a chiropractor, I have a PhD in economics and have worked with chiropractors for over 30 years. I have observed that chiropractors approach health in the same unique way I approach one’s financial world, using a macro (holistic) model– understanding that the best results come when all parts, not only work individually but interconnect and work well together. When viewing your total financial picture in a macroeconomic model one can see into their financial world like never before. 

Our Macro Model

Our model is comprehensive and based on the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process (Leap) which far exceeds the typical services of a financial advisor. We work as a “Personal Economic Coach” (PEC). In the PEC-modeling process, we can precisely show through computer simulation where financial problems exist (erosion due to taxation and inflation, lost opportunity costs, poor performance, asset vulnerability, etc.). This provides the client with clear and objective information, enabling them to make the best decisions possible.

Like in chiropractic, our approach is ahead of its time. Instead of the mainstream health and pharmaceutical industry, we are up against the big financial institutions attempting to sell their products– even if it’s not in our best interest (as our computerized modeling often demonstrates). They own the airwaves and drive their narrative. At Personal Economic Coach, we love to work with chiropractors because they already understand a different holistic paradigm and appreciate the value of making unbiased decisions based on objective information.

Starting with us is like when you start with a new patient on the initial visit. We begin with a thorough history and examination, then show you precisely where your financial health needs help (report of findings). You are in control and can make informed decisions. 

It is exciting for us when a new client makes the shift from the antiquated model of the big financial institutions and takes a more holistic/macroeconomic approach. The shift allows us to help guide clients into a far more prosperous future!

We hope you decide to check us out, just click on the link to the right of the website Personal Economic Coach and we will schedule you for a half-hour phone call where we can provide more specifics about our unique service, share our experience working with doctors of chiropractic, and answer questions. After talking to us, chances are you will feel like so many of your new patients who wish they found you sooner!  

A note about our compensation:

We believe in building trust through transparency and are agnostic to financial products. Only products or services that benefit you through our objective computer-based modeling process are recommended. If you decide to follow through with a recommendation, we are paid a commission by the third party (our clients pay nothing out-of-pocket, ever!).

About the Author Raymond Jewell

For over 40 years, Dr. Jewell has helped thousands of clients keep more of their hard earned money using his macro economic model. For a little while longer, he's taking on new clients AT NO COST.

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