March 25, 2024

America’s financial aging is alive and well with people living this horror every day! Many people listened to the financial advice of others and it didn’t work. Why? Because the financial institutions set it up that way.

Most Americans, about 40%, have less than $5,000 to lean on in retirement. They are worried that they will outlive their wealth in retirement. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a program that will eliminate that fear and put anyone on a safe path to winning in retirement. The program is

which is designed to put the client back in control of their wealth.

Over time consumers have lost control of their wealth to the financial institutions and have ended up working for the financial institutions. When the people who create wealth (You the consumer) have been taken advantage of and have been conditioned to accept it.

How has this happened you ask? Just think, you give the financial institutions your money, either directly or through a financial planner, and then they take it and invest it, then if get growth they give you some of it and they take the rest. If they lose it it’s your fault because you gave it to them. We call this “Economic Rent” and it’s going on daily on a massive scale.

It would be best if you the consumer were put back in control of your wealth!

We do exactly that, our Macroeconomic Model will allow you to see all your assets on one page and then simulate them in the future to see if any pitfalls are going to cause you to lose your money. if you are an older citizen or younger and don’t want to fall into the trap of having others dictate what you earn and don’t earn then check out

and see for your self how to take control of your wealth back into your life and not someone else who you don’t really know. We can help just click the box to the right of this article and we will show you how. No charge just help!

About the Author Raymond Jewell

For over 40 years, Dr. Jewell has helped thousands of clients keep more of their hard earned money using his macro economic model. For a little while longer, he's taking on new clients AT NO COST.

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