Meet Your Personal Economic Coach

Dr. Raymond Jewell started his economic coaching business over 40 years ago.  Much like Napoleon Hill, Dr. Jewell has studied the habits of highly successful and wealth people and found the formula for success, financially.  Dr. Jewell has written a book that teaches people the tactics used by the ultra-wealthy to obtain (and retain) more of their money.  He has spent his entire life as a macro economist debunking many of the myths and poor practices that traditional banks and financial advisors teach.  Dr. Jewell prides himself on proving all of his strategies mathematically to his clients.  He never relies on guesswork.  Clients are educated and presented mathematical models of his recommendations and then ultimately, they decide if they want to move forward.  His macro economic modelling has won numerous awards and Dr. Jewell continues to be one of the most sought after macro economists of his generation.

Raymond jewell - Founder